Back in May 2025!

Back in May 2025!

Cothi Valley Goats Cheese

Artisan Goats’ Cheese made from our own goats’ milk, lovingly made in Wales.

Think of Goats’ milk cheeses and think of Cothi Valley. Welsh cheeses in the true sense made with the milk of only our own goats. Our cheeses are unique, made to recipes we have developed over 30 plus years of goats and cheesemaking. Individual to this little part of Wales and with a Kentish heritage in some of the names given to the cheeses. ‘Luddesdown’ from a hamlet in the North Downs near to where we used to live. ‘Ranscombe’ from a farm in Kent which is now a SSSI due to its wonderful flora and where I used to walk and my Dad used to go pheasant beating as a lad. ‘Twayblade’ from the pale green orchid which grew on our smallholding in Cuxton. ‘Arezegarzey’ which my Dad always called hawthorn berries. ‘Diprose’ is my Mums maiden name and Kent is a part of the UK where this name is more common.

We make a range of range of cheeses from fresh, soft and creamy to nutty and mature plus our Veta and renowned Halloumi. We produce cheese all year round but availability does vary so please contact us if you want a particular cheese for a special event.


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