Back in May 2025!

Back in May 2025!

Caffle Brewery

Treat yourself to a little tipple on the day from Pembrokeshire’s craft brewery Caffle Brewery


As with all mad ideas it started in a pub on a rainy holiday weekend drinking ale and coming up with a legendary light bulb moment – a last adventure before dementia. From brewing beer in the kitchen (kids in gas masks; didn’t like the smell, they do now!) it seemed a perfectly logical step to make lots more.

So within 12 months, with our passion for tasty fine ales and determination we now have a microbrewery – next door to our house!

Caffle (Kaffl); tangled, messed up, confused. An ideal descriptive Pembrokeshire word chosen for the brewing of our beer! – mixing up a few well chosen ingredients to produce a crafted Pembrokeshire real ale that we would like to drink.